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Who is Sonya?

Sonya Knussen is a unique and energetic force in the world of music education. Noted for her musical grace by the New York Times and her confidence by the Washington Post, Sonya is equally at home on the stage and in the classroom. She cultivates imaginative and skillful young vocalists, composers, and instrumentalists. She holds degrees from Boston University. Trinity College of Music (London), Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and the Peabody Conservatory.

Sonya laughing, wearing all black, with rainbow cloud in background

"...dead-on surety of pitch and attractive tone. This was even while delivering some swooping and percussive vocal affects and performing with nontraditional accompaniments."

Albany Times Union

"Sonya is amazing!! She is not only an insanely talented musician, she is an outstanding and thoughtful teacher which is a rare mix in the music world. In addition to taking voice lessons from her, I have seen and worked with her in some of her composition workshops and she is an equally amazing composer/teacher for all ages. I could not recommend her more for students and adults of all ages!"

Testimonial from Kathleen Berger, MA. 

" ...the vocal lines, shaped gracefully here by Sonya Knussen..."

New York Times

Sonya sitting at a keyboard wearing a pink strawberry patterned shirt

Online Music Lessons and Mentoring for Musicians

As a multi-faceted musician, I'm here to offer a fun and personalized approach backed by years of experience and a touch of quirkiness. 

I provide voice, composition and creative practical musicianship lessons for musicians of all ages and abilities from beginners to professionals. Additionally, I offer music career advice and mentoring to professional musicians at any stage of their careers.  

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