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Sonya singing in a chair

Voice Lessons

My teaching style is supportive, positive, informative, and yes, a little bit quirky. Because every student deserves a lesson that is perfectly suited to them, each session will be unique and designed to cater to your individual needs and goals.

Lessons and Mentoring

Composition Lessons

With Sonya's guidance and mentoring, music makers of all levels can learn how to craft their own unique musical sounds and compositions.

Sonya working at the table showing something.

Creative Practical Musicianship Lessons

Creative Practical Musicianship lessons work on developing your musicianship skills in a creative, practical, and personalized way. Lessons revolve around different ways to listen and understand music, apply this to your own music making.

Mentoring and Coaching for Professional Musicians

As a mentor and coach, I offer unique insights and practical expertise gained from my lifelong immersion in the music world.

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