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Exploring Home

(originally posted June 2022)

I went for an “explore” today. It was actually just me driving around Aldeburgh (Suffolk) and surrounding villages, having fun visiting old haunts and enjoying the summer breeze on my face in the car and as I stood on the coastline.

Aldeburgh, as you may have gathered, feels like home. I’ve been coming here with my parents in June for the Aldeburgh Festival since I was 4 or 5 and from my mid-teens my Dad lived in Aldeburgh, then Gromford, and then he found his true home in Snape. After he died, I struggled with selling his home. He loved his house. We all loved his house. But it was the end of an era and truly the only option for me at the time. Now, owned and renovated by new owners, I can’t actually look at it yet. It’s like watching a scary movie. You cover your eyes for the scary bits and try to peek but actually change the channel when it gets too intense. That’s what it’s like driving passed my Oldie’s house. I know it doesn’t look the same and when I drive near by I can see the top of the house and that it has a clean look - it’s been painted. But I don’t look at any detail. I will eventually but not now.

Anyway, the feeling of being here for the festival, to see family and friends, to plan what concerts I will go to, and to have a home-base here is wonderful. My “explore” involved taking quick photos or videos when I stopped the car, partially to make some social media posts. But these “pics” jogged my memory in such a wonderful way and with each turning I remembered somewhere “new” to go. I should also mention that, having been “under-the-weather” for nearly six months with fatigue and a chronic asthmatic cough amongst other things and then topped off with Covid in May, I felt a sense of freedom and a little bit proud of myself for leaving the house. It’s all preparation for some very important events. The first of which is on 12th June, what would have been my Dad’s 70th birthday!

I’ll be writing more frequently during my stay here in Aldeburgh and beyond. Check back regularly to find out what’s happening.

Check out my home page here to see the listings of events that I will be attending during the Aldeburgh Festival.

Check out my Instagram to see highlights of my day out (volume on as I selected rather appropriate music).

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