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Creative Practical Musicianship

Creative Practical Musicianship lessons work on developing your musicianship skills in a creative, practical, and personalized way. Lessons revolve around different ways to listen and understand music, apply this to your own music making.

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In an individual creative and practical musicianship lesson, skills that we work on may include:

  • Form & Structure - identifying how a piece of music is put together - the building blocks.

  • Harmony and Sound Worlds - identifying major/minor; tonal/atonal; consonance/dissonance

  • Instruments - identifying instruments visually and orally; learning about new instruments from different cultures.

  • Sound Color/Timbre - Identifying and learning about ways to describe sounds in descriptive ways.

  • Rhythm - Repeating given rhythms by clapping or playing or speaking; identifying time signatures and bar/measure/phrase lengths; simple and compound time.

  • Tempo - Identifying the speed of music; learning the vocabulary to describe different tempi.

  • Texture - Identifying how thick or thin a texture is; learning new vocabulary to describe a given texture.

  • Melody - Repeating a given melody by ear; playing or singing; describing a melody with new vocabulary including step/leap.

  • Creating - Inventing your own melodies and rhythms.


We will:

  • Develop your musical skills whilst having fun.

  • Work at your own pace and focus on the areas of musicianship that are important for your musical growth.

  • Get tips and tricks for your own music-making.

  • Build confidence in your musical abilities and gain a deeper appreciation for music as an art form.

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