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Voice Lessons

My teaching style is supportive, positive, informative, and yes, a little bit quirky. Because every student deserves a lesson that is perfectly suited to them, each session will be unique and designed to cater to your individual needs and goals.

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In our one-on-one lessons, we will embark on a journey to develop your vocal, musicianship, and performance skills in a personalized way. Together, we will focus on honing various skills, including:


  • Vocal Skills: We will explore breath control, support, technique, and engage in technical exercises and vocalises to strengthen your voice. Additionally, we will work on posture and ensure you learn to produce sound in a healthy and sustainable way.

  • Performance Skills: We'll pay attention to posture, delve into the interpretation of song texts, and explore effective communication with the audience. If desired, we can even work on long-term performance projects. Moreover, if stage fright or anxiety poses a challenge, we will address techniques to overcome them.

  • Repertoire: The choice is yours! From Disney songs to operatic arias, we can explore a wide range of repertoire that aligns with your preferences and goals. If you'd like assistance in selecting a song, feel free to let me know. However, if you'd rather focus solely on developing your vocal skills without a specific song, that's absolutely fine too!

  • Musicianship Skills: Matching pitch, mastering rhythm and timing, understanding phrasing, and delving into other essential elements of musicianship will be integral to our lessons. We'll build a solid foundation to enhance your overall musicality.

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