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Hi, I'm Sonya!

I grew up in a musical family, and have been surrounded by music my entire life. My parents were both professional musicians, and I am grateful for the opportunities they gave me to explore my musical talents.

I have learned that it takes time to find your happy place in the music world. I have tried various things along the way, but I am now content with the balance I have found between Go Compose North America, ensemble singing, and teaching online voice lessons.

I am passionate about making music accessible to everyone, and I am committed to providing a supportive environment for young musicians to thrive.

Voice Lessons for Young Musicians

For me, teaching is about giving everyone a solid base in music and then guiding them to explore in their own way.


I often find myself using imagery to break things down; it's a tool that just works. But lessons aren't just about learning techniques. It's really important to me that my students feel they're in a space where they're truly heard.


I've had students move on to college music programs, snag scholarships, or take center stage in school plays. And when they come up with their own projects, like matching a song with a slide show or diving deep with a lecture-recital, I can't help but feel proud.


It's about the music, sure, but it's also about helping them find and use their own voice.

As the director and founder of Go Compose North America, Sonya provides composition workshops and a community for young composers to learn and grow. She is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of composers.

Professional Singer

I'm a professional singer spanning both solo and ensemble work. My repertoire ranges from early compositions to contemporary pieces.

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